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Bare figures reveal our dedicated and special commitment to research and development (R&D) at Huanda.


R&D employees20
R&D employees with Master’s degree or above7
R&D projects40
R&D / Revenue ratio (2022)5.8%
Average number of new or improved product developed annually3
Number of new patent applications filed (2022)3
Number of patents held as of 202218
Registered trademark1

Since its inception, Huanda has put strategic importance and great emphasis on R&D by recruiting talented scientists and engineers (including one graduated from Stanford University in the U.S.), building laboratory capacity and pilot plants, and securing and spending no less than 5% of revenue on R&D annually.

In 2022, our R&D team worked on 5 projects in the areas of fine desulfurization, gas purification and PEM fuel cell catalysts , and succeeded in developing and commercializing 2 new products.

We put innovation first, and we believe that R&D can and will bring about the innovation that will guarantee our future success, and in return, we can best serve our clients and help them achieve their goals.


The Research Center of our company encompasses approximately 800 square meter of research and office space. This center contributes to our business by developing the most efficient and effective products and implementing our Quality Control and Assurance procedures. It also assists our manufacturing units in reducing manufacturing costs by optimizing the operation of various manufacturing equipment.

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