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Iron Oxide Desulfurization Adsorbent Series

T703 Iron Oxide Desulfurization Adsorbent

T703 IrodOxide Fine Desulfurization Catalyst has been applied in more than 2000 devices (times) of methanol, ammonia, foodCO2, fine chemicals (DMF, TDI, MDI,H2O2,etc.) and electronic products ,etc. plants. It's used to removeH2Sfrom semi-water gas, water gas, coke oven gas, natural gas, biogas, shift gas in petrochemical and fertilizer production,CO2regeneration gas and other industrial gases.

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Product Description

T703 Iron Oxide Desulfurization Adsorbent

Product Description

Dimensions ( mm )Φ3-4×3--15
Bulk Density0.6~0.8kg/L
Crushing Strength, N/cm60N/cm


● High sulfur capacity at ambient temperature;    

● High strength with good water-resistance quality;    

● Can reduce outletH2Sto less than 0.03ppm.   


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