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Oxygen Scavenger Catalyst

CTO-1 Oxygen Scavenger Catalyst

CTO-1 Oxygen Scavenger Catalyst has widely been used to remove trace O2 from syngas, coal gas, industrial gas with high CO concentration, etc.

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Product Description

CTO-1 Oxygen Scavenger Catalyst

Product Description

1).Composition and Physical Properties

AppearanceGrayish-white spherical
Particle size , mmΦ3.0-5.0
Bulk density, kg/l0.5-0.7
Crushing Strength, N/sphere≥25

2).Quality Standard

Activation Temperature,  °C≥190
Outlet O2 Concentration, mg/m3≤0.1

3).Normal Operation Condition

Pressure, MPa0 to 16
Temperature, °C≥50
Space velocity, h-1≤3000(gas)



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