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PEM Fuel Cell Catalysts Series

PEM Fuel Cell Catalysts

Combined with our unrivalled experience in catalyst scale-up and manufacturing, we have successfully researched and developed highly activated catalysts for cathode and CO-tolerant catalysts for anode of PEFC with leading universities in China and the U.S.

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PEM Fuel Cell Catalysts

Product NamePt Content(% by weight)Pt Particle Size By XRD(nm)ECSA(m2/g)MA(A/mg Pt)
40% Pt/C40%3-465-850.27-0.29
50% Pt/C50%3-560-800.26-0.28
60% Pt/C60%2.5-4.560-800.27-0.29
70% Pt/C70%4-550-600.25-0.27
20% Pt/C20%2-380-1000.23-0.25



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