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As an expert in industrial catalysts and adsorbents, we have not only been developing, manufacturing and selling our unrivalled products to customers all around the word for 20 plus years, providing excellent technical services and support before and after sales is also our strength and expertise. In addition, we offer custom catalyst services to save your time, energy and money spent on sophisticated catalyst production.

Before Sales Technical Services
● Catalysts and adsorbents selection
● Preliminary process design for catalytic and desulfurization systems
● Technical Consulting

After Sales Technical Services
● On-site loading/unloading
● Start-up and commissioning technical support
● Trouble-shooting for catalytic and desulfurization systems

Custom Catalyst Services
Toll Processing: We produce your catalyst according to your catalyst manufacturing process and specifications.
Custom Manufacturing: We use our expertise, know-how and state of the art equipment to scale-up and manufacture your required catalyst from scratch.
Joint Development: We cooperate to develop and produce a new catalyst for a process still being developed.

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