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As a chemical company, we are strongly committed to sustainable growth. We focus on providing economic values to stakeholders while maintaining respect for the environment and social issues important to communities where we operate. Details of our sustainable approach are described as below:

  • We conduct sustainable business practices, integrating economic benefits with social responsibility and the environment.
  • We provide economic values to our customers.
  • We strive to develop more efficient, cost-effective,environmental-friendly products to improve our customers' values.
Environmental :
  • We reduce energy use by using energy-conserving equipment during manufacturing processes.
  • We reduce the environmental impacts of operations by recycling and reusing water & resources and by properly treating wastewater, solid waste and flue gases to meet regulatory standards.
  • All of our production are covered by environmental management system that have been validated as conforming to ISO 14001:2015 .
  • We have records of zero reportable spills and air releases to the environment in 10+ years.
Social :

Our manufacturing plant has been an asset to the community for 20 years by providing skilled jobs, by purchasing tens of thousands of dollars in local goods & services and by paying taxes to support local school and government services.

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