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Zinc Oxide Desulfurization Adsorbent Series

HTS-2 Ultra-Deep Zinc Oxide Fine Desulfurization Adsorbent

HTS-2 Ultra-Deep Zinc Oxide Fine Desulfurization Catalyst has been used in midsize and large methanol,ammonia and hydrogen plants and coal-to-oil plants to remove COS andH2S. It can extend the lifespan of methanol synthesis catalyst and F-T synthesis catalyst to 5~6 years, which generates high cost saving and economic benefits.

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Product Description

HTS-2 Ultra-Deep Zinc Oxide FineDesulfurization Adsorbent

Product Description

Dimensions ( mm )Φ3-4×3--15
Bulk Density0.9~1.1kg/L
Crushing Strength, N/cm≥ 40N/cm
Outlet Total Sulfur Content, ppb< 10ppb


● Can reduce outlet total sulfur (COS+H2S) to less than 10ppb along with EH-2 COS Deep Hydrolysis Catalyst in midsize and large methanol plants and coal-to-oil plants ;  

● Can be used under high space velocity (3000-4000h-1) ;

● Ultra-high purity zinc oxide.


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