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Tired of gas desulfurization effect is not up to standard?

August 24,2023

Founded in June 2003, Hunan Huanda Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. has been specializing in the R & D, production, sales and service of environmental protection and new chemical materials such as fine desulfurization adsorbents, catalyst and gas purifier for more than 20 years.The product has good quality, long service life and good desulfurization and catalytic purification effect.
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We have all kinds of products suitable for different fields and different working conditions, from coal chemical to petrochemical, steel industry, from low temperature to high temperature. And we have enough stock, 3 days fast delivery.


Hunan Huanda Environmental Protection Co., Ltd.'s high-quality desulfurization adsorbentss enable you to easily overcome the most difficult challenges of syngas gas desulfurization and tail gas desulfurization. Its superior strength and durability ensure optimal performance, allowing you to effortlessly remove inorganic and organic sulfur from your gas to meet your production and exhaust emissions needs.

Our EZ-2 wide temperature zinc oxide desulfurization adsorbents have arrived at the site of Yunnan customers, installed in their desulfurization tower and is running well.

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Tired of gas desulfurization effect is not up to standard?

Huanda's environmental protection catalyst products, adsorbent products are here to help you!  
With its excellent desulfurization and purification performance, it can ensure the stability of production.  
The unique composition of the desulfurization adsorbents accelerate the desulfurization process, allowing you to move forward quickly without compromising quality, maximizing productivity and watching your project soar to new heights.

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Zinc oxide fine desulfurization adsorbents are carefully designed to maximize efficiency, allowing you to complete more desulfurization work in less time. With their cutting-edge design and precision manufacturing, they effortlessly adsorb organic and inorganic sulfur from a variety of gases, minimizing production costs and increasing production efficiency.

In addition, we can provide iron oxide desulfurization adsorbents, activated carbon desulfurization adsorbents, etc.  

Contact us today to learn more about our customizable desulfurization products.


In 2023, Huanda's Environmental Protection's new zinc oxide desulfurization adsorbents are available from stock! Welcome to Changsha!  Welcome to Huanda Environmental Protection!


2023 #iron oxide fine desulfurization adsorbents 50 tons # from Huanda Environmental Protection!  Send to a customer in Chongqing, China. 


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